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Timothy WheelerTim Wheeler has been a reporter, columnist, and editor of the Worker, Daily World and People’s World for over half a century. He grew up on a dairy farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where his family moved in 1948 when his father, a target of the Cold War blacklist, was unable to find other employment.

Wheeler graduated from Sequim High School in 1958 and from Amherst College in 1964. In 1966, he joined the staff of the Worker in New York City, a newspaper associated with the Communist Party, USA of which he is a member.

He was assigned as Washington Bureau Chief of the Daily World in 1968 covering the protest movements for civil rights and against the Vietnam War. He covered the Watergate and the Iran-Contra conspiracy. He served for 11 years as Editor of the People’s Weekly World. He now writes regularly for the online People’s World. He embraces the motto: “People and Nature Before Profits.” He and his wife, Joyce, live on the family farm near Sequim, Washington.